Who am I?

Over a decade of experience shooting on location and working as a freelance retoucher.  An original idea maker and diligent working artist. I spend my days off editing, writing and reading. Passionate about inspiring action on compassion.

Where do we shoot?

On location in natural light using pre thought out backgrounds. Utilizing the best colors and textures for the mood you’re seeking. Every image you see in the gallery is shot in natural light, a majority with only a reflector.

How to prepare?

Come with clean natural makeup and with hair camera ready. Drink plenty of water the day before and get plenty of rest. Most of my color effects are in camera with intricate beauty retouching for post, please come with clean, wrinkle free clothes. Submit any inspiration photos with your request if there is a specific feel you are seeking.

What to bring?

What makes you feel comfortable. Bring your favorite selfie outfit, your boyfriend’s favorite sweater, the coat you found vintage digging. Whatever makes you feel your best, we can accessorize and build with your base pieces. Solid tops of various colors, button ups and jackets we can layer, rich textured scarves, creative collars, anything fashionable. Bring multiple tops to maximize the image options.

Photo by: AirButchie

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